These EPUB format books are provided at no cost. They were created to satisfy a personal desire to use an eReader to read the scriptures on my commute. My reader choice was originally a Sony PRS-300 which I recently upgraded to a PRS-350. After completing the Old Testament last year, everything else has been downhill given the size of the Old Testament. The most recent addition is the Gospel Principles manual provided courtesy of Grant Farnsworth.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has recently expanded its library of material in the EPUB format. I have no desire to compete with the Church's official efforts; however, not all scriptures/books are available and there appear to be subtle differences in how various readers render books created in EPUB format. The biggest difference being 'navigation' structure. If you have a traditional eReader (absence of strong touch screen capabilities), you may still find the versions I created simpler for navigation. For example, I have created an additional layer of navigation for the D & C where you can select a selection of Sections instead of having to navigate through 138 individual Sections. Much of this has to do with the architecture of your reader device and its supporting software. Simply put, EPUB book structure is not rendered the same for all devices.

You can access the Church's products at:

I have received positive response (meaning usable) from users of multiple Sony readers, the Kindle, the Nook and several other less common names. There appears to be a challenge presently with the software for the Nook that does not render the standard Table of Contents as formated to the EPUB standard. (If you find otherwise, please share you experience).

Feedback is always welcome. Appreciate any noting of errors (no line break for a verse change, two Books with the same title, etc.) To provide such feedback, please feel free to email me at

I hope you enjoy your eReader and access to the scriptures. Greg

Following is a collection of resources and/or personal products:

ToolLink To ToolUser Manual
Calibre (great SW for formatting, converting, managing)Link to WebsiteLink to User Manual
Quick Instructions to Load A Book into the software library and to your readerInstructions
BookFormat: EPUB
These files will download as .zip files. When you extract the files, they will be in
.epub format. If you have any problems with this, please email me
Individual Scripture Books
The Old Testament, King James, V4 released 11 July 2010OT-EPUB
The New Testament, King James, V4 released 15 Jan 2011NT-EPUB
The Pearl of Great Price V3 released 4 July 2010POGP-EPUB
The Book of Mormon V3 released 4 July 2010BOM-EPUB
The Doctrine and Covenants V4 released 15 Jan 2011DC-EPUB
Various Scripture Combinations
LDS Triple Combination (BofM, DC, PofGP) V1 Released 19 Mar 2011Triple_EPUB
The Holy Bible V1 Released 19 Mar 2011HB_EPUB
LDS Quardruple Combination (Bible, BofM, DC, PofGP) V1 Released 19 Mar 2011
This volume was created by Grant Farnsworth, incl's all Standard Words with Chapter Summaries in italics
Other Gospel References
Jesus The Christ, released 26 June 2011
Text and Chapter Notes, no footnotes (yet)
General Conference Talks - April 2011 -
Saturday Sessions Only Right Now..More To Come
General Conference Talks - October 2010 V2 released 16 Jan 2011GC-EPUB
Gospel Principles Manual, courtesy of Grant Farnsworth*6GP-EPUB
LDS Hymns - Text OnlyLDS Hymns