Civilian Pay Equivalent of Military Pay Upon Retirement Calculator

This tool is designed to help you to compute the civilian pay that would be equivalent to your military pay as you prepare for retirement.  At the end of the worksheet, you are provided an estimate of the value of your military pay in your new circumstances and a computation of the minimum level of civilian pay you will require to maintain your current buying power just prior to your retirement.

This is a rough estimate based upon x% of your Base Pay. This does not attempt to compute the high three years retirement amount.

Issue Monthly Amount
or Rate
Format Example
Enter your base pay: 6500
Enter your VHA pay: 1500
Enter your BAS: 150
Enter your Current Tax Bracket: 28
Do You Pay State Taxes? Y or N
If you will pay state taxes, what is the basic rate: 4.5
Enter your how many years you will have served upon retirement: 20
Future Benefit Costs
Future Medical Benefits Cost/Month: 65
Future Dental Benefits Cost/month: 45
Future Long Term Disability Cost: 15
Future Retirement Contributions: 1500